Data Warehousing & Visualization

At ExecIdeas, we build data warehouses to make the retrieval and analysis of data real-quick and easy. Also, we help organizations simplify complex data and present it using visually appealing dashboards.

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Data Warehousing & Visualization

Enterprises generate, consume, and store data in abundance. Data is meaningless unless you gain insight from your data to make smart business decisions that help you stay ahead in the competition. A robust data warehousing helps organizations access relevant data easily.

ExecIdeas builds data warehouses to make the retrieval and analysis of data real quick and easy. Also, we build robust dashboards and reports to help enterprises gain better insights from their data, improving decision-making.

Data Warehouse

We integrate a robust mechanism to collect data from various sources, arrange them into a structured format, and aggregate them for analysing current and historical data. We provide a full range of data warehouse services such as consulting, development, migration, and support.

Key benefits:

  • Management of data from heterogeneous systems
  • Storage of current and historical data
  • Optimized for analysis

Data Visualization

We help organizations communicate data analysis through dashboards using appealing visual elements. We leverage Power BI and other advanced technologies to build dashboards.

Visualization Techniques

We use various visualization techniques to communicate your data story.

  • Pie chart
  • Line chart
  • Bar chart
  • Symbol map
  • Hea map
  • Funnel chart
  • Scatterplot
  • Sparkline
  • Connectivity chart
  • Matrix
  • Pivot table

KPI Dashboards

KPIs help organizations track key business objectives. We have expertise in integrating KPI dashboards. We design highly interactive and visual dashboards that help to analyse data easily.


We use SQL SSRS Reporting to build complex reports in all possible output formats based on your OLTP or OLAP databases.