Supply Chain Management

ExecIdeas was commissioned by a supply chain management company to design and develop supply chain management software to improve efficiency and costs of their customers.

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Problem Definition

The customers relied on suppliers monopoly to dictate costs and had no way of optimizing or controlling these costs due to the limited number of suppliers in each of their markets.

  • Monopoly of limited suppliers
  • Lack of transparency towards cost control
  • No accounting system for invoice and payments
  • Lack of visibility to follow regulation and compliance
  • No way to share profits with stakeholders
  • Limited Data Exchange ability with stakeholders


Determining the total cost of supplier’s products based on external factors like volatile public pricing of these products at source, variable cost of logistics, commission/profit and a few other factors and arriving at a solution that works to benefits the customers and in terms of cost efficiency, options to manage multiple competing suppliers, improve delivery times, better accounting and compliance. Centralized accounting.

The supply chain management company continued to grow at 20% YOY, from the time of adapting the new system. The system that was built was flexible and new modules were continuously added to accommodate new customers and other stakeholders.