Mortgage and Credit

At ExecIdeas, we collaborate with real-estate/mortgage companies for building technology solutions, which enable them to quickly respond to the changing market demands.

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Mortgage and Credit

Technology is playing a key role in shaping the real-estate/mortgage industry. Over the past few years, technology-driven solutions have revolutionized the way the industry operates. Like any other industry, the real-estate/mortgage industry leverages technology for smarter automation and high efficiency.

As a technology company with deep industry expertise and its business models, we have been collaborating with many real-estate/mortgage companies for building technology solutions, which enable them to quickly respond to the changing market demands. We use data analytics to help the real-estate/mortgage companies gain insight into the nature of evolving business and changing customer expectations.

The solutions we build are centered on the following aspects:

Customer expectations

Customer expectations:

Customers increasingly expect a mobile-centric and Omni-channel experience. They expect more choices for interaction.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance:

Real-estate/mortgage firms need to comply with many new regulations such as TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule (TRID) and the Qualified Mortgage rules (QM). We apply our comprehensive knowledge of regulatory requirements to the solutions we build.



Automation is the key to achieving efficiency.

Faster turnaround time:

Faster turnaround time:

Customers expect a faster turnaround time on applications, decision making, and closure. Technology is an enabler for cycle time improvement.

Solutions for Application Processing

The transformation from paper-based application processing to digital application processing gave a refreshing experience to the customers. They expect to be asked with the minimal required information. Also, they hesitate to provide the same information multiple times.

To meet these demands and expectations, we build application processing solutions with these capabilities:

  • Web portals and mobile applications: Data collection through web portals and mobile applications make it easy for customers to share information. The system auto-populates the information about the existing customers.
  • Data collection: Our solution enables service providers to pull customer data from approved third party agencies.
  • Omni-channel: Our solution allows the customers to start the process on one device and complete it on another.

Solutions for Decision Making and Closure

While customers expect faster decision making, service providers wanted to simplify and automate the decision-making process. To meet these demands, we integrate the following capabilities in our solutions:

  • Digital Document Management: This allows the service providers to digitize the paper documents and it comes with pattern recognition to automatically identify the document type. We make sure to comply with regulatory requirements and other standards like MIMO (Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization).
  • Automated Rules Engine: We integrate the decision engine with our solution to provide an automated decision.
  • Credit Scoring Solution: We have built a solution to determine the credit risk of potential customers. Our scoring system is modern, fast, cost-effective, flexible, and more accurate in predicting creditworthiness.
  • Predictive Analysis: Predictive analysis helps the companies predict user behavior. This predictive system can be used for anticipating trends, identifying the risk of fraud, selecting pricing, etc.

The time between decision and closing must be quick. Also, customers want to track their application status. To meet these demands, we integrate the following capabilities into our solution:

  • Auto clearing of loan conditions
  • Loan trackers
  • Alerts and notifications

Customer Care through Chatbots

We build an intelligent chatbot that can elevate the overall customer experience. The presence of virtual assistants reduces human interference, which can be utilized for complex cases. This makes customer care more effective and available 24/7.