ExecIdeas develops individually tailored Information Technology solutions that increase the productivity and competitiveness of your business.

As the understanding of our clients’ business area is of utmost importance, the client is always our main focus of attention. When we begin the development of an Information Technology system, we make ourselves thoroughly acquainted with the client’s business and we prefer to work in the client’s environment in order to promote good and efficient communication throughout the course of the entire project.

Our solutions, often web-based business systems, are offered in the latest Microsoft technology, but we also possess expertise within Oracle, Java, PHP and UNIX.

Does that sound expensive?

In our experience, we are typically 10-20% cheaper than our competitors.

The reason is that all our solutions are based on our own ASP.NET/C# framework, which allows us to move directly to the development of the business specific functions instead of wasting time on trivial details such as language management, menu access management, security, design templates and so on. At the same time, we have no need for an expensive domicile, company cars, etc. We thrive on challenges and we believe that the loyalty of our clients is the best publicity.

Our Mission

To foster a symbiotic relationship through market driven business model leveraging "the-best-of-the-breed“ people and "the-best-in-class" contemporary IT practices.

"Through our unique Realationship Framework ExecIdeas is fully committed to its Clients Worldwide

Why We’re Different

Through deep industry expertise and business-building collaborative relationships, we help our customers achieve and sustain measurable results.

Our Values
ExecIdeas was founded on a set of guiding values and principles. We foster an environment to instill and support them in every aspect of our organization. We expect our associates to operate in an honest and ethical manner, with a consistently high standard of integrity in all relationships with customers and others associated
We serve our customers with innovative, responsive solutions to their needs. We DO what we say we are going to do- and more than is expected.

   Why ExecIdeas

Flexible Engagement Models
Reduced Time to Market
Reduced Cost
One-stop shop for IT Solutions
Quality intensive Processes and Metholologies
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